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Hypoglycemia is characterized by signs of mental reactions, viz. aggression, agitation, inability to buy omnicef pills around, and sometimes hallucinations. Very often, these signs are mistaken for intoxication, as a result of alcohol, or hysteria. If the hypoglycemic state is not eliminated at this stage, then convulsive contractions of some muscle groups appear, in particular, in the face area, and the excited state also intensifies, vomiting appears with one or two-sided Babinski's symptom, clonic and tonic convulsions that provoke epilepsy also occur. blackout of consciousness and then coma occurs.

A characteristic sign of hypoglycemia is a change in the cardiovascular system, which is expressed in a decrease in blood pressure, the appearance of increased heart rate, arrhythmias in the form of extraordinary heart contractions, less often low heart rate, sinus arrhythmia. And on the ECG, the S-T segment is depressed, and the amplitude of the T wave decreases. In patients with coronary artery disease, with a sharp decrease in blood sugar levels, angina pectoris attacks are noted. In the blood, a slight leukocytosis and lymphocytosis, and sometimes leukopenia, are found.

With a compensated form of diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia has negative values ��of omnicef tablets in the urine and a reaction to acetone. But the hypoglycemia of decompensated diabetes is characterized by an increase in hormones such as glucocorticoids, growth hormone, catecholamines and ACTH, which help develop ketoacidosis andacetone in the urine.

They are characterized by a gradual loss of consciousness with a number of neurological, general and metabolic signs. Among them are such as trembling in the body, profuse sweating, double vision, fixed gaze and hemiplegia. Another sign of hypoglycemia is hypoglycemic coma, which is characterized by sweating, moisture of the skin, pallor of the face, increased muscle tone, trembling, increased tendon reflexes and convulsions. Also, in particular, diastolic blood pressure decreases, the pupils dilate, the eyeballs are in normal tone or slightly reduced, mental signs with delusional hallucinations are noted.

Blood sugar levels are quite low and there is no acetone in the urine. Sometimes, during studies at the beginning of the disease, a slight sugar content in the urine of about 1% can be detected. And repeated laboratory tests after 30 minutes give a negative answer with urinary sediment unchanged. This condition in children is not a rare pathology. Very often, the causes of the development of childhood hypoglycemia can be various diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems, as well as stress, exercise and unbalanced nutrition.

Symptoms of a hypoglycemic state in children are manifested in the form of lethargy, drowsiness, irritability, pallor, sweating, hunger, and heart rhythm disturbances. Blood sugar levels are at numbers less than 2.2 mmol/l. Hypoglycemia is very dangerous for the life of a child, as it disrupts the metabolism in the body and coordination of movement, provokes pain in the head, contributes to the appearance of convulsions and fainting. Often occurring hypoglycemic attacks negatively affect the mental and physical development of children.

As a rule, hypoglycemia in children can proceed according to the type of other diseases. Thus, it is necessary to buy generic cefdinir examine the child, since the younger he is, the more often dangerous lesions of the nervous system, mental retardation or epileptic seizures may occur as a result of cefdinir pills of his nerve cells to blood sugar variability.